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Welcome to BlogTopSites! Get around, hang around and get your blog noticed! Or if you're just a bit confused on what is BlogTopsites and it's supeerb features, then try to read these frequently asked questions (Plus answers) below:

What is BlogTopSites?  

BlogTopSites is the original blog ranking directory since 2004.
With thousands of links from blogs, BlogTopSItes has emerged as the "center of the blogosphere".

With a mission to connect bloggers and readers in a meaningful and natural way.And continuously look for developing tools for blogs, to expand their reach and widen their exposure.


Why sign-up?

If you would like to get your blog discovered, then BlogTopSites is the best place to let others know about your blog! Be popular, Get discovered, Get links, Build up your profile and get a chance to "Show off" your blog; these are just some of the benefits you could get by indexing your blog on BlogTopSites.


How to signup? 

So? you want to get your blog known? Great choice! BlogTopSites is the best place to list your blog. It's easy, You can register here


How does the Blog ranking works?

Blog ranking is done according to the number of unique visits each blog receives in a month or in a day. 

The more popular the blog is, the more traffic it receives and the higher it will be in the rankings.


Stats resets at the beginning of each month. This helps keep the playing field even and allows new sites to make an impact on the rankings quickly.


Do you have a blog? Why not Register for an account, submit and show off your blog for free?

How to add a Blog?

Now, If you want to add your blogs, just simply fill in the Add a Blog form here. Select a category that suits best about your blog, Fill in the name of your blog, Your blog's URL, A short but nice description of what's on your blog, and your blog's feed URL.

After that, you will be asked to put the BlogTopSites' tracking widget on your blog, and after putting it on your blog, just wait a little while and Tsada! Your now on the center of the blogosphere.


Why it says blog is inactive after they add blog?

BlogTopSites' tracking widget must be grabbed and present on your blog first to fully complete the blog activation process. If you have already added the widget on your blog, then you just wait for a few minutes or sometimes hours for your blog to be processed and activated successfully on the blog listing. 


How to add BlogTopSite's Widget on Blog? 

Adding the BlogTopSite's widget on your blog is as easy as 1,2 and 3! You just need to copy and paste the given code into your blog and Viola! Your blog is on track! For a detailed instruction, you can go here.


Why do I need to add the BlogTopSites' Widget?

BlogTopSites' Widget is solely for tracking and verification purposes and by no other means to leave a footprint or a backlink on your blog/site, This is to ensure that you really own the blog you are submitting and to track your blog's traffic statistics for blog ranking.

What is social connect?

Ever thought how you could automatically update everyone about your blog? or maybe just try to make a noticeable post about your blog across all of your social networks account? Then BlogTopSites' Social Connect is for you!

How to use Social Connect?

Using BlogTopSites' Social Connect feature is stunningly very easy! You just set it and forget it! No hassle here and No catch! Just follow the instructions written here.


How does Social Connect Works?

When you submit and add your blog to BlogTopSites' Directory, (depending on the time the system records your blog's feed) your Blog's posts or updates feed will automatically be recorded and will be posted automatically on your Facebook and Twitter Account for optimum blog exposure!


How to follow blogs?

If you stumble a great blog that you would want to follow and get updated about, then the "Follow" blog feature is for you! Just Click on the follow  button and the blog will automatically be listed on your Dashboard as one of your favorite blog.


How long does it take to generate my blog Thumbnail?

Due to increase in number of blogs joining Blogtopsites it may take several weeks for the robot to visit your blog and generate a thumbnail. We will eventually get to your blog. Thank you for your patience.



If you have questions or if you are confused on some stuffs about BlogTopSites, Then you are welcome to post your question below, and we will gladly answer your question.

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